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  At KCA, we have properties in Bangalore developed for today’s jetsetter. A welcome change from the regular expensive hotel. Our cozy rooms and soothing ambience offer comfortable stays while pursuing your schedules, special packages for the loyal traveler.

We expect this atmosphere will enable you to be absorbed into our tailor-made hospitality. We offer the services of our trained staff in all your requirements, be it cooking or shopping etc. allow us our best endeavor for your comfortable stay, to discover for your self all that Bangalore has to offer.

About the company

KCA has taken great pains to evaluate the needs of the cross section of today’s travelers, be it for pleasure or business,
we have suitable accommodation befitting the individual needs of the visitor.

The people behind this successful project are born Bangaloreans with vast experience in the hospitality business and their true blood. ‘ATHITHI DEVOBHAVA’ attitude, which they considered on par with service to God, hence their drive to share the same with you.

The pilot project of Air View Court was the brainchild of Mr. C.A.Kurian and Mr. M.Chandrashekar to translate in effective action, what they passionately believed in “do your best”. Their efforts have been amply paid with their regular’s return time and again, for that personal touch.

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